After watching the WWDC 2017 keynote, I realized just how powerful the new iPads were. So I ended purchasing the iPad Pro 10.5 256GB with Wifi and cellular. While I was at it, I also purchased the Apple Pencil. I’ve using it for a few days now, here is my review.

Is it a true computer replacer?

In my opinion, with the right tools, yes it can be. What do I mean by that? Well, I am currently using it in place of a computer. Here are the tools I am using to achieve this.
* Apple Pencil
* Jump Desktop
* Apple‘s Magic Keyboard – Temporarily until I purchase a keyboard case.

If you haven’t heard of Jump Desktop, it is amazing. Basically, you install the controller on a computer and then download the app on the iPad or iPhone. It lets you control the computer remotely from anywhere with very minimal lag. That is the key to making the iPad a computer replacer.

Specs and iOS 11

This iPad is a beast when it comes to graphics and processing. It moves fast between apps and keeps those apps in the memory a lot longer than say an iPhone. I am using it with the iOS 11 developers beta, and the software and hardware combined is a game changer for the tablet world.

With iOS 11 multitasking is even better on the iPad. Being able to run apps side by side and also on top of one another makes everything a whole lot easier. Also having the ability drag and drop files, photos, really anything between apps across the entire system makes a nice and helpful addition. The new app switcher adds a lot of functionality for multitaskers.

Also in iOS 11, there is a new dock. The dock now functions just like the dock on the Mac. You can add as many apps as you want to it, it shows app that you can use hand off with, and it shows recently used apps. The best part about it is that it can now be accessed anywhere by simply dragging up from the bottom of the screen. You can continue to drag up to access the app switcher as well.

Apple Pencil

With the new ProMotion inside the iPad, the Apple Pencil now has virtually no lag. It’s smoother and makes writing and drawing feel even more like you are doing it on a piece of paper instead of a screen. Markup is just about everywhere and it has never been easier to use the Apple Pencil.

The Keyboard and Notes

The keyboard also got an upgrade this year. It now features QuickType which allows you pick numbers and special characters by flicking the keys and without having to change keyboards. In my experience, this has my typing even faster and I love this feature.

The Notes app also has some new features. You can now scan documents directly into a note. Inline drawing is now easier with just a tap from the pencil.


With the new iPad and iOS 11 (which will be released in the fall), this tablet is a game changer for real. While there are still some programs that the iPad does not support, using Jump Desktop can make it possible. Apple, in my opinion, has hit a home run with this iPad. If you want to learn more about the iPad and iOS 11, follow these links.

iOS 11

iPad Pro

Images in this post are courtesy of Apple Inc.

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