Okay, so the WWDC 2017 keynote presentation has come and gone. There were so many new items that were introduced. So let’s recap my wishlist versus what was presented for iOS in the keynote.

WWDC Recap

Dark Mode

Dark mode wasn’t announced during the presentation. I have been going through the new operating system and still see no evidence of a dark mode. I hope that maybe they will introduce it as the beta period continues or as a layer update.

Ability to Change Default Apps

Another slight disappointment here. There is still no native way to chance the default apps such as mail or web browser. This probably won’t happen in the near future. Oh well.

A Complete Redesign

While there wasn’t a complete redesign, many of the parts of the system have changed. For example the notifications panel, messages apps, as well as the app store. App store but far has gotten the largest redesign and it has some strong potential.

Side Dominant Keyboard

This one actually happened. I’m excited because it makes typing one handed on a plus phone a lot easier. While it is a small enhancement it is for sure a welcome one.

One of out four isn’t too bad for predictions. There were many other features announced such as person to person paying through Apple Pay. There are new photos effects, and also a newly introduced file system. This is the first time that a Files app has been included and it going to work with third-party cloud services.

There are many changes in the new iOS that I look forward to seeing as the beta program continues and updates once it is released.

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